Updating style for Culture, Health & Secuality - changing disambiguation and initials

I would like to update the Zotero style for the journal Culture, Health & Sexuality (the one available dates from 2014), in particular remove disambiguation in citations and replace the first name by its initial in the reference. Here is an example of how a reference should be:

Bankole, A., A. Biddlecom, G. Guiella, S. Singh, and E. Zulu. 2007. “Sexual Behavior, Knowledge and Information Sources of Very Young Adolescents in Four Sub-Saharan African Countries.” African Journal of Reproductive Health 11 (3): 28–43.

Basson, R. 1998. “Sexual Health of Women with Disabilities.” CMAJ. Canadian Medical Association Journal 159 (4): 359–262.

I have downloaded the Zotero style for this journal and installed in the app. However, I am unable to open it in the Style Editor, as it appears in the list of styles installed, but when I click on Style Editor, it does not appear. Moreover, I know how to change citation disambiguation in citations thanks to the instructions in Editing CSL Styles - Step-by-Step Guide, as I have done it before, but I don't know how to replace first names by initials in references. Any help or instruction would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  • The style is automatically generated as a copy of the Taylor&Francis version of Chicago author-date (https://www.zotero.org/styles?q=id:taylor-and-francis-chicago-author-date )
    That reflects what I'm seeing in the author instructions as well. Disambiguation is explicitly mentioned and full names are in the bibliography.

    If you want a modified version for personal use, modify the T&F style and rename it. To change author firstnames to initials, use initialize-with=". " in the line starting with <name for authors.
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