Reference list per chapter?

How can I make a reference list per chapter in a word document. I'm writing my thesis and I have too many references to make only one list at the end.
  • You can create separate documents in Word and combine them at the end. (There is no way to do this with Zotero in a single document.)

    This will be better anyway, because when writing a long document with many Zotero citations, Word will slow down, so having separate documents will help.
  • Oh my, The only reason why I'm using Zotero is because of that :/ I really taught I could do it with it.
    Thank you for your answer!
  • Zotero is great for many things, but it only can create one bibliography per document.
    But I really think this will be helpful to you in the end. Even if you want a single bibliography, it's best to write each chapter in a separate document to avoid very slow editing once the document gets too long.

    Actually, there may be a solution, but it uses a somewhat outdated method in Word. If you search for "master document" online you will find information about how to embed multiple documents within a single Word document for the whole thesis. That will still allow you to edit the chapters separately (which, again, will be helpful!), but you can view your combined document any time, automatically combined.
  • The best approach to do this and yield a combined document at the end is to write each chapter in a separate document, add the bibliographies, then use the “Unlink Citstions” button in Word to convert the live Zotero citations into regular text before combining them.
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