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While I am using zotero in Microsoft Word and I want to insert some citation, it ALWAYS appears incomplete. All the information about the book (author, date, publisher etc.) appears correctly but the citation is incomplete with "n.d." note. Anybody had similar problem?

Thank you!
  • What does the citation look like exactly?
  • "n.d." means "no date" - it seems like you have not correct metadata in the Zotero.
  • so how can I fix it? I have all of my citations in different notes which are assigned to different books, and when i am using only zotero, everything seems to be ok but maybe I did something wrong...
  • right, I'm thinking you may have done something weird. It'd help to see a couple of such citations exactly as they come out.
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    You can sort the items in the Zotero by the date (click on the "name" of column Year). It is a very easy way to find items with an empty field. The second way is in the document; follow these steps:
    1. select "wrong" citation in the document,
    2. click on the Zotero Add/Edit icon
    3. click on the "wrong" citation in the window for add/edit citation
    4. click on "Open in My Library" in the pop-up window
  • Hi, I did it but still I have the same problem...all my notes appears correctly in zotero but when i put in in word they always change: suddenly the letters which were in capital are small, the words are big mess haha
  • What specifically is happening? I can’t tell from what you describe.
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