How do I reach an actual person

Does anyone have a direct email or phone number to reach out to a rep or someone?
  • This is how you reach an actual person. We don't have "reps".

    See How Zotero Support Works.
  • (Just so you are aware, Dan Stillman is the lead Zotero developer.)
  • I wanted help with group storage. I have a group of 10 with individual accounts but we need a way to have more storage and be able to sync with each other etc. Is there a group thing or do we just need to individually pay for storage upgrade annually?
  • Only one has to buy the extra storage, make a group Library and invite the other members. The other members "share" the storage through the group library.

  • If you only need storage for one group library, only the owner needs to purchase an individual storage subscription. All storage for items in a group library counts against the owner's storage quota.

    If you want to buy storage for multiple users at once, a Zotero Lab plan might be appropriate
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