Problems with Microsoft Word

Hi there,

I am having some problems with Zotero when making references for my university assignments.

Firstly, I'm having issues with placing references that were already created for my reports and when I press "Edit Bibliography" and when I select a reference from my database and then click the arrow to place in my reference into the bibliography list, it does not appear on the list!

Secondly, a different glitch disallowed me to place a citation to my work and when you click on "Add citation", it is supposed to say {Citation} on the document and when you find the citation you are looking for, you press enter and the citation appears on the document replacing the {Citation} sign on the document. But in my case, the {Citation}
does not appear and when you press enter, the citation does appear on the document!

Are these some sort of glitches? If so, can they be fixed as soon as possible?

Thank you,

  • What version of Word and Operating System are you working on? Have you tried seeing whether it well in a new document?

    Regarding bibliography editing the feature works without problems, but if you are seeing other issues in your document, bibliography editing might be affected too. Do note that you should in general aim to put citations in the document and have the bibliography be populated automatically.
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