how to merge the multiple articles under one citation?


I am dealing with writing the article for the journal Chemical Communications and I am using their template.

In the recent published papers I can see that some citations are consisting of multiple articles. Here is the example:

1 M. Garcia-Viloca, J. Gao, M. Karplus and D. G. Truhlar, Science, 2004, 303, 186; L. F. Burbulla, P. Song, J. R. Mazzulli, E. Zampese, Y. C. Wong, S. Jeon, D. P. Santos, J. Blanz, C. D. Obermaier, C. Strojny, J. N. Savas, E. Kiskinis, X. Zhuang, R. Kruger, D. J. Surmeier and D. Krainc, Science, 2017, 357, 1255.
2 H. Lee, T. K. Choi, Y. B. Lee, H. R. Cho, R. Ghaffari, L. Wang, H. J. Choi, T. D. Chung, N. Lu, T. Hyeon, S. H. Choi and D.-H. Kim, Nat. Nanotechnol., 2016, 11, 566; X. Lian, Y. Huang, Y. Zhu, Y. Fang, R. Zhao, E. Joseph, J. Li, J.-P. Pellois and H.-C. Zhou, Angew. Chem., Int. Ed., 2018, 57, 5725.

I would like to do the same when I am writting but I have no idea how. I know how to put multiple citations at the end of sentence to get for example:
Biochemical reactions are catalysed by enzymes(1-4)

Unfortunatelly I really want to merge several articles under one citation number. It makes more sense and it will save me also some place. Is there a way how to add multiple articles and obtained this: "Biochemical reactions are catalysed by enzymes(1,2)" where under citation 1 are two articles and under citation 2 there will be one article?
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