"Related" references and Zotero storage

The "related" tab on the right hand side of the desktop app allows 2 library entries to be linked to one another, which is a handy feature!

It appears, however, that this functionality does not extend to a synced library on zotero.org. Is that the case or have I just not figured out how to see related items?

Possibly related (ha!) is the question of whether (at least within a Group Library) the URL for a given library entry can be considered a permalink? For example (using a random entry I found in an open group library), if I were to email the following to someone would the link work indefinitely (or at least as long as the library entry exists)?

"Hey dude, check out this paper, it's totally relevant! https://www.zotero.org/groups/2196574/physics100/items/itemKey/JAKY68I8"

.. if so it would seem that syncing related items is probably "just" a feature to be developed as there must be some unique and stable identifier for each entry.
  • 1. Related item information syncs (i.e. relating two items on computer A they will also be related on synced computer B), but the information is not accessible via the online interface.

    2. Depends on how strictly you define "permalink", but yes, under normal usage the link will remain the same. I'm not 100% sure what happens if you rename the group (so if you're really into the _permanent_ part you may want to use the equally functional https://www.zotero.org/groups/2196574/items/itemKey/JAKY68I8 )
    and obviously it'll stop working if the item is deleted in the group, so technically it's not a permalink but going by context you were using this in a loser sense of "will it generally stay around" which it will.
  • (The Group name is ignored for link resolution—it is only included in the URL for human readability. A link without the old name will still resolve correctly.)
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