Zotfile Renaming and Linking Not Functioning

I use zotfile to rename and move attachments into a folder that I store on my Dropbox folder. I import a reference, such as a book, and I then drag a PDF of the book onto the reference. I often also drag a .docx file of annotations or notes. I then right click on the reference and click 'Manage Attachments' and then click 'Rename attachments' so that these documents go from storage to my Dropbox folder.

All of a sudden, when I click 'Rename attachments', the files do not get renamed, and they do not get moved to the Dropbox folder. I get a little box in the right hand side saying "ZotFile: Renamed Attachments" with the file name grayed out, but it does not actually proceed with the renaming or moving/linking.

What's going on here?
  • Are the files opened?
  • No, they are not
  • I have resolved this issue. The problem was that several (read: all) of my documents in this dropbox folder required a password to modify them (e.g. rename, move, delete...etc). I clicked on the folder (which I called 'Zotero PDFs'), and changed the read write permissions and 'Apply to enclosed items...'

    This resolved it.

    A note to the developer to PLEASE create an error message for this when renaming. Had I known that the files somehow were password protected, I could have avoided spending 3 hours troubleshooting it.
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