Accept URLs in Add Items by Identifier

This discussion was created from comments split from: Zotero Safari Extension not working with Safari 12.
  • Could the Zotero wizard in the app accept URLs (as well as the current ISBN, DOI etc.) and then go fetch the required data from the webpage? Would keep everything all in one app. I could copy the URL from the webpage, chuck it in the app and get the same effect with minimal inconvenience, and hopefully no future issues with safari extension development.
  • It could, but anything that depended on session cookies wouldn't work. That includes anything behind a web-based proxy (for database access or PDF downloads), sites with logins, and sites with (annoying) non-static URLs. The first we could probably support by showing the proxy login page in Zotero, but the others wouldn't be fixable.

    In any case, the Safari extension should work for the time being, and we're going to do our best to continue supporting Safari as best we can.
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