Zotero not appearing in Google docs toolbar! (Safari 12.0.1)

Hello: I'm utterly confused.
Upon installing the Zotero Connector and double checking it is enabled in the Safari, the Google Docs refuses to display the Zotero functionality in it's toolbar.

I've checked just about every troubleshooting page, reset everything, logged out-in off Google docs, uninstalled/installed Zotero Connector twice, checked if my Zotero App is up to date... Nothing. No trace of Zotero in Google docs interface anywhere - it simply refuses to acknowledged that I have Zotero Connector installed and enabled.

Seems the issue is limited to Safari specifically. In Chrome, I did get it to appear by installing the Chrome Safari plug-in, but I need it to run in Safari for now...

Anyone has any idea what to do next?

I have Safari 12.0.1, Mac Sierra 10.13.6, if that is of any help.
  • As noted in the announcement, Google Docs integration is only officially supported in Chrome and Firefox for now. Because of Apple's recent changes, we can no longer put out regular releases of the Safari connector, and it still has an older, pre-release version of the Google Docs integration code. You can enabled it in the Advanced pane of the preferences — it's not clear to me if you've done that — but it's still marked as experimental and may be buggy. We'll be putting out a version of the Safari connector with the latest code in the near future.
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