Message 'zotero.sqlite-journal unable synchronize'

I am using Zotero for a while, but since couple of months I keep getting this message "zotero.sqlite-journal unable synchronize". I have searcherd online, but could not find an answer what this means and how to fix this problem. Can anyone help me? My Zotero is synced with the Yandex.Disk, might this be a reason?
  • See, section "Alternative Syncing Solutions". I'm not sure that the message you see is caused by the way you've set it up, but syncing of the whole Zotero directory using Dropbox-like solutions is explicitly advised against.
  • Right, that's not a message from Zotero in any case, but it almost certainly indicates that you have your entire data directory in a cloud storage folder, which will corrupt your database.
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