GUI Bug: Expanding abstract causes the "control" button to disappear

edited November 30, 2018
Zotero 5.0.58, Windows 10 on PC

When the abstract is contracted it shows up with an odd "button" (...). However when the abstract is expanded by clicking on the button it disappears.

Perhaps ( + ) and ( - ) for the "buttons"?
  • It's not a bug — the ellipsis is just indicating that it's collapsed. The entire label is the toggle.
  • edited December 1, 2018
    That just seems to be quirky. Being a numb numb I clicked on the (...). It really seems like there should be some better indication since every label for a field isn't also a button. The button region could be the whole region of "( + ) Abstract" and "( - ) Abstract" and that way there would be some indication.

    I do realize that the mouse pointer changes, but as I said it seems quirky.
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