Zotero Crashes MS Word if Zotero App Not Open on Mac

edited November 30, 2018
Sometimes I forget to have Zotero open when using MS Word. If I try to insert a citation in a Word doc and the Zotero app is not open, then MS Word immediately freezes.

A while back when I'd do this Zotero would remind me to open the app and all was fine. But now, MS Word locks up/freeezes and I potentially lose unsaved work if I'm not able to rely on Autorecovery.

Any fixes out there? Others with the same problem? Are the kind Zotero ppl working on this bug?

Using Mac (OS 10.14.1 // MS Word v. 16.19 // Zotero v. 5.0.58
  • Ah, oops. Solved: The problem was that the word processing plug in within Zotero had been uninstalled after updating MS Word at some point, even though the Zotero "buttons" were still working properly (as long as the app was open). Never mind!
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