Whitelisting Zotero Connector in G-Suite


I'm trying to use the Google Docs integration. On my G-Suite domain, integration with third-party applications is locked down. In order to whitelist the Zotero Connector, I need to know the associated 'App Id'. This is a long string that ends in 'apps.googleusercontent.com'. Can anyone supply me with this Zotero Connector App Id?

  • 222339878061-13uqre19u268oo9pdapuaifklbu8d6js.apps.googleusercontent.com
  • Thank you, that was what I needed.

    For anyone else who runs up against this, if you get an error, "Error: admin_policy_enforced
    Access to your account data is restricted by policies within your organization. Please contact administrator for more information."
    Then your G-Suite domain administrator will need to go to https://admin.google.com/ and then Security>API Permissions>Trusted Apps>"+" then Select App Type = Web Application and OAuth2 Client ID = 222339878061-13uqre19u268oo9pdapuaifklbu8d6js.apps.googleusercontent.com


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