Institution not showing up in USGS Reports

When downloading a RIS from the USGS publications web page specifically for reports, the institution field is blank. This is a problem when importing into Word using the USGS format. It does not show who the publisher is anymore - this previously used to work. As a work around, I now have to manually add it to every downloaded USGS report RIS to make it work properly. Time consuming and easy to forget to do that extra step. Please fix.
  • We need an example URL.
  • Here is an example: Download the RIS from this page
    The blank institution field occurs on all USGS reports, but not USGS books.

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    Here's the RIS:
    TY  - RPRT
    A3 -
    CY -
    C6 -
    ET - -
    M3 - Report
    SN - 109
    SP -
    T2 - Oil and Gas Investigation Map
    VL -
    AU - Zapp, Alfred Dexter
    TI - Geology and coal resources of the Durango area, La Plata and Montezuma Counties, Colorado
    PY - 1949
    DO - 10.3133/om109
    DB - USGS Publications Warehouse
    UR -
    ER -
    There's no PB field, so Zotero can't import an institution. You'd have to report this to them.

    (Also note that you shouldn't need to download the RIS manually, on this or any other site. You should just use the Save to Zotero button in your browser, which will usually produce better data (and is also much easier). The relevant format here isn't even RIS, because the USGS site explicitly supports a richer format for Zotero, though that doesn't include a publisher either. The one exception here is the DOI, which isn't coming through (to the Extra field, since there's not currently a DOI field in reports) via the save button, but we'll fix that for the next version.)
  • Thanks, much appreciated. I have just sent this conversation thread to their Contact USGS-Report a Problem page. Hopefully they can fix it on their end soon.
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