DOI for all item types

When will DOI fields be added for item types other than journal articles? Increasingly, books, book sections, and reports -- in particular -- are referenced by DOI.
  • edited November 29, 2018
    This will happen in version 5.1

    For now, you can add "DOI: ..." in the Extra field. This does the job for me.
  • Yes, indeed, that's a fix -- but then it's not an active link (you can't click through to the item), as you can with the actual DOI field with journal articles.
  • As zurpher says, this is coming in Zotero 5.1. For now, I store the DOI with the prefix in the URL field as well.
  • Aha. Sorry, Zurpher, I missed that part of your post. That's good news. And good idea about including extended version in URL field.
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