Separating "Item Type: Audio Redording" from Bibliography

I use Zotero for my dissertation and it does me a good service. I know also want to reference the audio recordings of my interviews and group discussions. It there a way to separate these from the normal bibliography so that I can add them in an appendix or so?
  • Yes, you can add a macro to to the style to say how to sort items by type, then add this to the <sort> section of the bibliography.

    So add a macro like this to sort Audio Recording and Interview types last, after other types:

    <macro name="type-sort">
    <if type="song interview">
    <text value="Z"/>
    <text value="A"/>

    Then add <key macro="type-sort"/> to the top of the <sort> list at the start of the bibliography section.

    General style editing instructions here:
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