How to choose role of editor of book section

When I'm author a book chapter, I enter myself as author, and the chapter as the title. But when I'm editor of a book section (a subset of the book's chapters), how to I call my role in Zotero? Organizer, author, ...?
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    We cite the creator of the work we are citing, as well as information to locate it.

    For a book chapter, the author is the creator, and then we also cite the editor(s) to know how to locate the book.

    In general, you do not need to cite the editor of a book section at all, just the author for the chapter and the editor for the whole book. (Note that similarly we don't cite editors of journal volumes because that's not how we locate those works.)

    But if you are specifically citing a section with the section editor as its creator, within a book that also has an editor, then you could treat the section-editor as "author" and then manually add in "(Ed.)" after the name (either within Zotero's entry, as part of the name, or by manually editing your bibliography after it's done). I don't believe there is an automatic option for this within Zotero, but it's also very rare that it would come up.
  • Such individuals are typically cited just as Editor, along with the other section editors and the leader editor, if any.

    For example, a chapter in this book would typically be cited as:

    Ones, D. S., & Dilchert, S. (2013). Counterproductive work behaviors: concepts, measurement, and nomological network. In K. F. Geisinger, B. A. Bracken, J. F. Carlson, J.-I. C. Hansen, N. R. Kuncel, S. P. Reise, & M. C. Rodriguez (Eds.), APA handbook of testing and assessment in psychology (Vol. 1, pp. 643–659). Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.
  • Thanks @djross3 and @bwiernik!

    Although I can't imagine myself citing the book section e.g. in a paper, I would like to list my contribution as a section editor among My Publications in Zotero, to harmonize it with my CV. Is this 2.3K pages book, there are three overall editor, plus a lot of section editors, so no one actually lists section editors among the book editors when citing it. I went with @djross3 's recommendation to add myself as an "author" of the book section, with an "(editor") after my name, leaving the three overall editors as "editors".
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