Unable to "edit" first citation in document

I am unable to "edit" the first citation in the word document. After I insert the citation, if I then click on the footnote (greyed part) and click "Add/Edit Citation," Zotero decides that what I probably want to do is "add" a citation. And so when the red Zotero bar appears, it does not show the title/author of the work already in the footnote. Instead, it shows up blank (as if I was adding my first citation), and "{citation}" appears in the middle of my footnote where I clicked "Add/Edit Citation."

Strangely enough, this problem does not occur in the subsequent footnotes. I also noticed that the problem does not occur on the Microsoft Word templates. The problem is that I need to be working on this pre-formated template.

Any tips on how to fix this or what the problem might be?
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