Splitting Libraries and losing document to file connection

Hey there,
I´ve a problem and hope someone can spare me a lot of work.

Context: We are using Zotero in a team as some form of Online storage/ Library with 4 to 8 users. Recently we split a part of our bigger library into smaller, project-oriented libraries, where we can limit access to the poeple who need it. I can´t tell how it was done, as it was not myself and my coworker is currently not avialable for questions.

Problem: Some of the PDF documents in the new library can´t be opened anymore and we get the promt: "Attached file could not be found. It may have been moved or deleted." Than we can only localise the file by hand with the windows search function and direct zotero to the correct place.

What I know: The PDF documents are stored on each of the PC´s, but Zotero has the wrong folder. So if I search for a document on one of the PC´s the file I search for is located in the right palce, i.e. C:/User/Zotero/storage/..., but not in the folder X1Y2Z3 Zotero thinks it´s in, but in the folder A4B5C6.
The PDF´s are also stored on the server (I´ve looked for them via the website and could open them without a problem).
As suggested in this article (https://www.zotero.org/support/kb/files_not_syncing) I´ve reset the File Sync History for the library in question, but it has changed nothing.

Where I need help:
- What can I do to tell Zotero where the files are stored now, besides localise every file by hand?
- Am I rigth to assume there was a user erorr in the process of splitting the libraries? That would be good to know for the future!

Thanks in advance!
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    Zotero doesn't have the wrong folder — that's not possible, because the location is simply based on the item's internal key. The files you're seeing in other folders are for other items, likely in different libraries (e.g., the original library). It's possible that the person who copied the items over didn't have the files downloaded locally, which would prevent them from being copied to the target library. Or the files might simply have not synced from the computer of the person who copied them to the new library. Or there might be a file-sync problem on your computer.

    When you say the PDFs are stored on the server, do you mean that you can open them in the target library or in the original library? Those would be separate files, so the answer matters. With that in mind, follow the instructions on the Files Not Syncing page, including the additional information it asks for, and we can take it from there.
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