Drag-Drop between My Library and group library fails sometimes

edited November 27, 2018
I am unable to drag-drop "Presentation" type items from My Library to a group library. I have tried this about 6 times now. I was able to do this for other item type, though for a couple item types I had to do this twice.

Debug IDs for two attempts with "Presentation" item type: D1156057651 and D1466160291
  • Linked item LGN8E4QZ already exists in collection
    The item already exists in the target collection.
  • That's strange. I am trying to drag seven items (all presentations) and I just rechecked that none of them exist in the target collection. How do I lookup which item is LGN8E4QZ?
  • I can confirm it here. I figured out the same, it might be a bug.
    In MyCollection I create a new item via 'Duplicate Item'
    I modify/update the duplicated item and try to move it to a group Collection. This fails with
    ''Linked item SM6DXLG2 already exists in collection' -> it does not, but the hash of the duplicated item is the same as from the original item (which is in the group collection).
    Is there an idea how to fix? I was able to reproduce this.
  • We did some debugging and believe to have found the underlying issue.

    First to reproduce:

    1) create new item in "My Library"
    2) drag-n-drop item into some remote group library
    3) duplicate item in "My Library" (right click -> "Duplicate Item")
    4) change some fields of the duplicate item
    5) drag-n-drop duplicate item to group library

    What seems to be the issue:

    At step 2), a new record is created in the "itemRelations" table of the database that describes a "same as" relation between the item in "My Library" and a corresponding item in the remote group library.

    At step 3) said record is "duplicated" (for the new item's itemID) as well. Both the original item and the duplicate item thus correspond to the same remote item.

    At step 5) this "same as" relation will prevent the duplicate item from being copied to library 2.
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