Multiple Zotero sync errors during heavy updates to library

while adding and updating many items and moving them from My Library to a group library, I had Zotero sync errors about a dozen times. When I would pause my work the sync seemed to be proceeding fine. I'll know when I check on my other computer later today.

So, the error might just be due to heavy/continuous updates, but I thought it should still not show errors (and maybe just pause the sync if it's difficult to keep up with my edits).

Report ID: 1566713159 and 1857567222 (out of many more that I did not log)
  • Sorry about that — that was likely just a server-side glitch unrelated to your local activity. Should be resolved now.
  • Okay, great. Is it better to turn off auto-sync when I am editing/moving hundreds of items in the library and across groups, and then turn sync back on after I'm done? Or, I should never bother and just let it be?
  • Probably doesn’t make much difference one way or the other.
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