Evernote export to Zotero Question

Is there a way to export my Evernote notes to Zotero?
  • What exactly do you mean? Do you have notes for individual items that you want to attach to Zotero items (no faster way to do that other than to copy-paste)? Or do you mean something else?
  • I'm working on my doctorate.

    I have a lot of notes on Evernote both handwritten (sometimes I prefer to write out my notes by hand and then transfer them to Evernote) and then I have notes I've written on my computer and a few collected from websites and other places. Copying and pasting would be cumbersome and perhaps impossible for some of them (since the handwritten notes are essentially photos).

    If anyone could provide some advice on how to organize all these various sources of information, and get them into Zotero, I am totally open to suggestions. I still prefer to take handwritten notes, however. I would love to be able to organize my notes within the academic framework of Zotero.
  • What exactly do you want out of having them in Zotero? What is the goal? Zotero isn’t really a note taking program, so I’m not sure what the purpose of moving from Endnote to Zotero is for you.
  • I was hoping I could correlate my Evernote notes with my reading material/sources by subject or by author. It would be fantastic if I could import them into Zotero. I was looking for an academic database to store notes and quotations but connect them to their academic sources and bibliographic information for reference and citation.

    I had a database in which I could store notes, quotations, citations, and bibliographic data but it is no longer supported. I need something more than just a reference generator.

    I also primarily work on a LInux machine which is why I found Zotero attractive.

    Maybe Zotero isn't the right tool. I'm just looking for a way to organize my research notes and correlate them to their academic sources in a database. I need an efficient workflow because outside of teaching, much of my time is consumed by research, reading, and writing.
  • Okay, it sounds like Zotero is the right tool for you. You can attach notes to each Zotero item https://www.zotero.org/support/notes

    However, there currently isn't a way to take your existing Evernote notes and automatically associate them with items in your Zotero library in an automatic way.
  • Thanks! I just discovered the notes functionality. I think it has potential and will learn more. Thanks for all your help!
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