s3.amazonaws.com uses an invalid security certificate


ich habe meine im Comouter 1 angelegte Bibliothek nun auf zotero synchronisiert, damit ich auf Computer 2 auch auf die daten zugreifen kann. Wenn ich das Programm öffne zeigt sich die Meldung
Zotero konnte keine Sichere Verbindung herstellen
s3.amazonaws.com uses an invalid security certificate

Wenn ich mich bei Zotero einlogge sehe ich alle Inhalte der Bibliothek??
Wenn ich das Programm während der Word-bearbeitung öffne, sehe ich nur die Titel der Dateien, kann sie aber einzel nicht öffnen....

Bitte, kann mir jemand weiterhelefen...

  • Thank you,
    but i dont understand, what to do.... when I klick on the url, there comes:

    So the problem is still there

  • You have to check the security certificate, as explained on the page.
  • amazon certificate exists ....
  • What's the exact certificate issuer you're seeing for Amazon?
  • Zertifizierungsstelle-->
    Amazon root CA1....CA4 Builtin Token
    Amazon das Software Sicherheitsmodul

    Thank you….. im so sorry!
    Im a Computer dummi:-(
  • I'm not sure where you're seeing that. The process for finding the information we need is on the this page. The page you're checking is this page.
  • Thank you.

    I opend Firefox, klicked "Einstellungen"-->"Datenschutz und Sicherheit"-->Zertifikate->Zertifikate anzeigen ….there were only somithing listet under "Server" and "Zertifizierungsstellen"
    nothing else.

    Also i tryed to make the Microsoft Edge as the standard-browser, but that didnt help...
  • That's not what the linked page says to do.
    In Firefox, click the padlock icon, click the right-arrow next to the domain name, and look at the “Verified by:” line. For full information, click More Information → Security → View Certificate and look at the details under Issued To, Issued By, and Period of Validity.
  • i found it finaly:


    DST Root CA X3
    Lets Encrypt Authority X3

    lots of nummbers, but nothing about amazon
  • I checked the differences between computer 1(where i can open my libary) and computer 2(where i can only see the libery by loging in- where i have poblems!)

    Computer 1 has windows xp
    the zertifikate -verfication for zoteo.org is kaspersky lab

    Computer 2 has windows 10 , uses also Kaspersky for security but the verification for zotro is lets encrypt

    maybe that make a sence for you???
  • That's for zotero.org. You're reporting a problem for s3.amazonaws.com, so you need to use the page from the instructions that I also linked to above.

    The most likely cause of this is having security software intercepting HTTPS requests, and if Kaspersky is intercepting requests on one of your computers the only way Zotero would work there is if you previously followed the certificate override steps. So you most likely need to do the same on Computer 2.

    But the first step is still checking the certificate for the correct domain.
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