problem with proxy and - in place of .

hi, i have a problem with the proxy management of Zotero, i think.
example: i want to go to
if the browser connector (chrome) is disabled i simply go to the website.

if the browser connector (chrome) is enabled the url i try to browse takes this form:,DanaInfo=www-sciencedirect-com+
and i get an error message "Cannot resolve the hostname www-sciencedirect-com. ecc. ecc."
fact is that,DanaInfo=
comes from the proxy definition which was built by zotero into the chrome connector:,DanaInfo=%h%a+%f

and , it's obvious that the website is not found because of the - in place of . in the sitename,DanaInfo=www-sciencedirect-com+
i manually edit the name replacing the - with . and then the connection runs.

anything i can do?
  • Go into Zotero Connector Preferences -> Proxies. Select your proxy and in the bottom box uncheck "Automatically convert between dots and hyphens in proxied hostnames".
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