How is the Journal Abbr field resolved while inserting citation?

edited November 26, 2018
If I *have* text in the "Journal Abbr" field, will Zotero use that as is in a citation with abbreviated journal name or does it take the "Publication" field and create an ISO correct abbreviated name?

I am thinking of having custom text in the Journal Abbr field for use with Zotfile for attachment renaming. So, for example, I'd like items for the journal "Environment Science & Technology" to have "EST" in the Journal Abbr field. But I don't want EST to show up in a citation that uses the abbreviated name.
  • With automatically generate journal abbreviations turned on, Zotero (in the word processors) will never use the Journal Abbr. field, so you should be good.
    Note that, somewhat inconsistently, and for technical reasons, Zotero does not automatically abbreviate journals when using create bibliography via right-click or drag&drop.
  • Thanks. Initially, I could not see that option because it is selection sensitive and I did not have a style selected that uses journal abbr selected (and I've never used such a style). The documentation was not clear about this, so maybe consider adding a note there?
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