Moved storage file

Hi All,

I was backing up some of my files and moved the "storage" file for zotero into dropbox, which changed the working director for the program. When I clicked on zotero, it didn't have any of the references it did previously (it wasn't synced, which it is now).

I still have all of my previous citation's zotero files, but am not sure how I can move the files such that when I open up zotero, the citation data is present in the program again.

I tried to move them to the "storage folder" that is in the working directory, but that doesn't seem to have done anything.

Any thoughts or help?
  • See Zotero data directory for an explanation of the Zotero data directory. Simply moving 'storage' wouldn't do anything other than make your files inaccessible — you'd still see all your items in Zotero. It sounds like you either moved the entire Zotero data directory to Dropbox (which you definitely don't want to do) or changed the data directory setting in the prefs to point to the 'storage' directory, which you also definitely don't want to do (since the 'storage' directory is a subdirectory of the data directory, not the data directory itself, and doing that would create an empty zotero.sqlite in the 'storage' directory).

    If you want to move just 'storage' to Dropbox, you would need to symlink it back to the existing data directory location.
  • Thanks so much for the explanation and help--much appreciated!
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