Impossible to convert from horizontal to vertical

This discussion was created from comments split from: Moving item preview pane in Zotero standalone.
  • Nope. After the latest update, it is impossible to convert from horizontal to vertical. The app is now practically useless
  • @bkoprivi: Switching between Standard and Stacked absolutely still works in general, and if you're going to post here, you should just report the problem you're facing without assuming that it's a widespread problem.

    So back up, explain exactly what's happening and what you've tried, and we'll help you fix it.
  • It's a widespread problem, but many people do not have time to report it. It is like you open MS Word, and you restart the PC, and reopen Word, and you get a totally different look-and-feel Word. Look-and-feel must never change, it should always stay the same. Life is too short to learn new look-and-feel
  • I genuinely don't know what it is that you're reporting. It doesn't sound like you're actually referring to the UI setting in the other thread, so I've split this off.

    I'm guessing that you're just misunderstanding something, but if you'd like us to help you, you'll need to take the time to explain the problem.
  • How about this: The Standard button is in the Preference. Now when you click the radio button Stacked, nothing changes. But it should change as Standard <> Stacked
  • Works for me on Windows 10, though note that you have to click OK for the change to happen. This used to work for you?
  • Works for me on macOS and Windows 10 (the latter after pressing OK, as adamsmith says).

    If it's not working for you, we'd want to know the OS and also get a Report ID.
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