Online Attachment Privacy Setting

The online privacy settings currently have an option for a user to publish a Zotero library for public viewing or to keep this library private. Publication of notes is handled as a separate, though dependent, option. Could something similar be implemented for non-note attachments? That is, I'd like to publish my library, but I'd also like to keep the attachments to the items in my library private.

Links for attachments like DOC or PDF files currently appear, but they just lead to a page with data about that attachment—not the attachment itself. Zotero snapshots and saved links, however, do appear to be available and "live" in a published library. If there could be a privacy option to keep all attachments private—or at least to have snapshots and saved links lead to an item information page like the links already do for DOC or PDF files—that would be wonderful.

Thank you guys so much for all of your work on this wonderful tool.
  • At the moment, the only attachments that should be fully accessible online are notes and maybe links. PDFs, snapshots and most anything else should only display as notes about their creation date and maybe a link to the original page if it was pulled in from the internet.

    File/attachment support is pending, but it is not yet clear how exactly it will be implemented. Details regarding how they are viewed and access will have to be answered at that point and probably not any sooner.
  • Understood. Thank you for the correction and the additional information.
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