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J'essaie de lister les notices contenant un nom d'auteur particulier et un mot particulier dans le fichier pdf associé. Cela ne semble pas fonctionner, ou je fais une erreur ?

Je sélectionne auteur contient Boidin, j'optiens 150 résultats (à chaque notice est associé un fichier pdf océrisé)
Si je rajoute une condition type de fichier joint égal pdf, plus rien ne s'affiche

Où est le soucis ?
Evidemment, si je rajoute la 3eme condition contenu de la pièce jointe (option expression) contient vararia, je n'obtient rien

Quelqu'un peut il me dire ce que je fais mal ?
Cordialement, GG
  • In the Quick Search bar, click the button on the left side to Change the search to “Everything” to search all item fields, tags, and full text content.

    In Advanced Search, use the field “Attachment Content” to Search the full text of the PDF. Don’t use the “Attachment Type” field, that’s not relevant for your use here.
  • In this case searching for the author in Attachment Content is probably sufficient, since the author will appear in the content, but technically doing the requested search now probably requires using nested saved searches, with the parent search using "Creator" and "Include parent and child items of matching items" and the child search doing an Attachment Content search with the parent search as the source collection.

    The fundamental problem is that Creator and most of the other search conditions match the parent item, but Attachment Content and Attachment File Type match attachments directly. One fix here would be to have Child Attachment Content and Child Attachment File Type conditions that match parent items, the same way that we have a Child Note condition that matches parent items in addition to Note that matches notes directly.
  • Personally, my expectation as a user would be for Attachment Content to just match the parent (or to match both).
  • Yeah, I actually thought it did that.

    While having Attachment Content match the attachment doesn't seem particularly helpful, having Attachment File Type match the attachment could be useful if, say, you want to select a bunch of snapshots or PDFs and delete them. That can often be done with a quick search, though not always.

    But even for that one it's probably more common to want to, say, find a parent item that doesn't have a PDF, so if we don't want to clutter the condition list with Child versions and are comfortable changing existing searches, we could change both of these to work that way.
  • edited November 14, 2018
    Perhaps the clearest option would be to replace the “Show only top-level items” checkbox with separate checkboxes for “Top-level Items”, “Notes”, and “Attachment files” that can each be enabled or disabled individuay?
  • For my use, the first solution is the best one, the easier one. The creator name appaers on the right column. I did not think of it !
    Thanks for your help. Gérald
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