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While recently saving references from Pubmed, I realized that the new open-access pdf downloading scheme saves retrieves from PubMed Central, which can be un-proofed, not copy-edited, not corrected early submissions to journals, and sometimes just a text file. Currently, I open all pdfs that get downloaded, see if it is a final and formatted manuscript, and if not delete and replace the pdf manually with the good stuff.

I recognize that Zotero is using Unpaywall for this function, and likely cannot control what gets downloaded, but I thought I'd still ask. Is there a way to pick and choose what Unpaywall downloads? (the new functionality is really neat, and I don't want to turn it off until the Pubmed Central downloads get too annoying). A switch under about:config to turns parts of it or the whole thing off?

  • Note that the Unpaywall-downloaded PDFs have a different label in the middle panel. They explicitly say "Open-Access PDF" (and you can search for that)
  • The attachment title actually gives information on the version: "Submitted PDF", "Accepted PDF", or "Open-Access PDF" (for the published version).

    (This depends on the 'version' data we get from Unpaywall, though.)
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    Thanks. Yes, I have seen the Submitted vs. Accepted vs. Open-Access distinction, and it is indeed helpful.

    The version data Unpaywall provides is cool. It demonstrates the complexities of retrieving open-access pdfs from the myriad of sources on the web.

    I shortly looked through the config editor, and could not see a switch for disabling unpaywall integration. That might be a nice advanced option to have for those not interested. (As always, thanks for the fast pace of development and improving Zotero).
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