Saving items from group to personal library

I'm unable to drag items from at least one of my group libraries into my personal library. In another of my groups it works fine. I'm not sure what's going wrong, I just get the black "no" circle when I try. Any suggestions?
  • You might need to provide more information before anyone can help you. What is different about the groups and your permissions within them? What kinds of items are you trying to copy? Are they regular items or attachments? What versions of Zotero and Firefox are you running and on what system?
  • I'm an admin of the group that's giving me trouble. I am trying to copy book citations from the group library to my personal library. I'm an admin of a second group that contains book citations and web citations, and I can copy some web citations from that group, but cannot copy other web citations or book citations. None of the problem items have attachments.

    Zotero 2.0b5, Firefox 3.0.11, WinXP. Thanks for any advice.
  • Are you certain that you don't have the items in your personal library already (or in the trash)?
  • The trash!! I had copies in the trash. Thank you so much. I'd never have figured that out.
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