doi and isbn resolver not working

quite often, the DOI and ISBN resolver (the button with the magic wand) doesn't work even if when i go to the DOI is resolved.
the last examples are the doi's of two European Commission publications:
10.2759/88726 and ISBN 978-92-79-43608-6 (EUROPEAN CITIZENS’ DIGITAL HEALTH LITERACY)

is there probably something i should configure in a better way?
  • works for all DOIs. Zotero's DOI resolver works for a large number of DOI registration agencies, but not all of them. As far as I know, the EU's publication office, which issues the DOIs for EU publications, does not provide a way to access the metadata for those items (e.g. an API). [I'm a bit surprised by this; the EU is obsessive about metadata, so I feel like we must be missing something, but I can't find anything helpful].

    Similarly, Zotero uses a number of very large library catalogs (the Library of Congress, the German association of academic libraries (GBV) catalog, and Worldcat) to look up ISBNs, but those catalogs mostly cover books and will work less well for things like IGO or government publications or books with very limited distribution (e.g. self-published ones, even with ISBN).

    So no, this isn't an issue with your Zotero configuration.
  • thank you adamsmith!
    so i understand that the best would be that the resolution be done in Zotero using but this is not possible now. any plan or perspective to have it, or no hope?
  • No, DOI resolution and DOI metadata are just two different things. For DOI resolution, you just need to know "this DOI resolves to this URL".

    But for the magic wand, i.e. DOI metadata, you need to know "this DOI was authored by ABC, in the year D, with the title XYZ, etc. doesn't automatically do that. As far as I know, the EU Publication Office does not have a standardized way of reporting that information and so Zotero cannot import it. When/if they do, we will import metadata from EU DOIs as well.
  • Would it be too much of a performance demand to, if the other DOI metadata sources fail, to attempt to the resolve the supplied DOI through and then run a web translator from there?
  • I guess I'm not sure how much that buys us. At the EU, we get embedded metadata of mediocre quality and in a lot of cases I'd expect this to be caused by typos or stray characters.
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