Pour continuer ma bibliographie je n'arrive subitement pas à ajouter des références sans avoir PM inscrit à côté par exemple référence 10 ca me donne (10)PM.
Le code erreur est 484764725
  • I think this typically happens with multiple references in a Word table due to a Word bug -- could that be the case here?
  • Hello,

    I really don't know what it is I'm very bad at using Word. Could you explain me how to fix it ?
  • Do you have a table with more than one Zotero Citation in it?
  • Yes I have a table and I put several Zotero citation in it. I could finally do it yesterday after I update Word. I do not have anymore the issue with PM right next to the citation, but now all the bibliography disappear ...I'm freaking out I don't have time to do it all again
  • Okay, if you remove the table from the document to a different document, does the bibliography refresh in the original document as expected?
  • Hello, I am having a similar problem. I can't seem to insert Zotero citations into a Word table (which, in case it matters, is encased within a Word text box for easier typesetting within a document). Any suggestions?
  • The issue is the text box. Text boxes can not contain Fields, which Zotero uses to store the reference data.
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