Wrong journal abbreviation by IEEE Xplore translator

E.g. this article: http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/search/wrapper.jsp?arnumber=4451109

1) Journal abbreviation saved by the translator is identical to the full journal name.

2) Full journal name is in the form "..., IEEE Journal of" instead of "IEEE Journal of ...". That is probably connected to the way IEEE presents their journals names on their site, removing constant part to the end. But, in my opinion, outside the IEEE site the style "IEEE Journal of ..." is more standard.
  • Both of these traits are in the RIS that is exported from IEEEXplore. All reference managers would get the same content. I don't know when we should ignore the metadata provided by the publishers.

    Right now, I see no good way to get a better journal abbreviation for that record. There is discussion on adding a feature to obtain journal abbreviations frome somewhere other than the publisher in other threads, though.
  • Thanks for a quick answer. Indeed, some kind of journal manager would solve many issues concerning both full and abbreviated journal titles.
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