Returning files from tablet as batch (Zotfile)

I'm sure there is something about this out there, but I'm not able to search for it.

Problem: I want to return all files from tablet to Zotero (for note extractions etc.) as my Dropbox is filled. But I find no way in Zotero to see which files are in tablet, and as there are many, it will be very time consuming returning each manually, as I have to take a look for each pdf in tablet folder, then find it in Zotero and then return it. Is there a way I can return all at the same time?
  • You can select all of the items, then right click on them and choose Retrieve from Tablet. All of them should be retrieved as a batch.
  • Thansk for your answer! You mean, if I have them all in a list in Zotero? If so, that is the problem, they are not. They are all over the place, about 100 of them. I would like them all to return :-)
    I guess I could just delete them in Dropbox, but then the notes and marks will be lost, too.
  • They are all Zotero items though, right? If so, click My Library to view your entire library, select all the items using Carl-A (Cmd-A on Mac), then right click and retrieve the files.
  • It works! Thanks! That did not cross my mind :-) Much appreciated!

  • There's an easier solution: ZotFile creates a Saved search "Tablet Files" which should show up at the bottom left of your Zotero. If it doesn't, ZotFile has an option in the preferences to recreate it.
  • I don't see it, but that might be because I just got them all back to home? I can see the Attachments on Tablet and Modified Attachments on Tablet (you mean those?), which contain nothing now for the same reason I guess, but very practical buttons indeed! Thanks!
  • Don't know why they have different names for you, but yes, that would be the ones. They automatically fill up when you send documents to the tablet folder (and empty out as you retrieve them)
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