Selective sync interface

Is there really no way to add a 'None' box to the selective sync menu. I only want to select a few group libraries out of the very many I have to start syncing. I now have to click on 100 check boxes.
(Use case: I have a corrupted local Zotero db; I tried to fix it manually many times - never worked; so I deleted it fully - NOT something I did lightly, as we're talking about ~3.5 gig; and now want to slowly rebuild with the collection I need right away). Seems like this would be a small interface change that would help people with a lot of groups/collections)
  • And btw - this is similar to my request to be able to 'see' all my group libraries in the web interface as well. I understand the default mode is just a handful for reasons of speed; but adding a 'see all' button somewhere that would take longer but would then still show all groups would certainly save me quite a bit of time..
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