Exporting to bibtex with math in the title


It appears that the exporter has changed so that math (and maybe all LaTeX markup) is now escaped when exporting to bibtex. This is undesirable for me, as some of the articles that I need to cite contain math in the title.

One example:

title = {An {{\$O(k{\textasciicircum}2n{\textasciicircum}2)\$}} algorithm to find a {\$k\$}-partition in a {\$k\$}-connected graph},
volume = {9},
url = {http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/BF02939489},
doi = {{10.1007/BF02939489}},
number = {1},
journal = {Journal of Computer Science and Technology},
author = {Jun Ma and Shaohan Ma},
year = {1994},
keywords = {incorrect},
pages = {86--91},
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