Zotero Google Docs is very, very slow

Hello devs. Love your work . Very excited to finally get to use Zotero and Google Docs together. This promises to be a pretty transformative way of collaboratively editing academic docs. For us, though, it's really slow. Like 30 seconds to insert one citation in a small doc without many citations slow. It's so slow that it renders it practically unusable for us, I'm afraid. One author on Win 7 and Chrome; the second on Mas OS HS and Chrome 70.0.3538.77. Stupid question but is this typical? Any ideas on how to speed it up a smidge?
  • How many citations (approximately) in the document? What citation style? How many pages? Google Docs integration is generally slower than Word or LibreOffice, although this is mostly out of our control and the limitation of the online nature of it all. If you are using a numeric style that renumbers every citation upon insertion, you are likely to experience slow updates and we recommend disabling automatic citation updates in the document preferences.
  • It's Harvard style. Seems that even in a long doc that doesn't have many refs (64 page doc, 50 refs) it just slows down to the point that it's quicker to add them manually. Thanks so much for your efforts developing this. I guess we'll have to go back to Word :-(
  • I had the same issue and disabled automatic citation updates in the document preferences.
    The issue is that I get the following error message when I now try to refresh the bibliography (Report ID: 635694133):

    429: Google Docs Authorization failed. Try again.
    "error": {
    "code": 429,
    "message": "Resource has been exhausted (e.g. check quota).",
    "status": "RESOURCE_EXHAUSTED"

    The issue has be reported previously on the forum: https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/comment/311121/#Comment_311121

    It seems that with ~100 citations the execution time to refresh the bibligraphy is above the default quota.

    Is-there a way to fix this so that I can have my bibliography back?
  • @nicolasrode Could you try installing the Zotero Connector beta version for firefox and see whether the refresh goes through there? It will still take a while, but it should complete.
  • @adomasven It works! Thank you for your help!
  • I want to export my document without the links to the Zotero website. When I click "Unlink citations", the document freezes. I guess this is because I have a large number of citations (> 100). Is-there a way to export the document and remove the links to the Zotero website? Thanks.
  • You should see the usual progress bar from Zotero when you choose to unlink citations and wait for the progress bar to disappear. What do you mean when you say "the document freezes"?
  • I meant that the progress bar did not move for >10 minutes, so I thought the process did not work. If I understand correctly, I just need to wait for a little bit longer and it should be OK?
  • We are working to make this process much faster in the future, but for now it can take upwards of an hour in a document that's very long. Currently a faster alternative is to select all text in the document (CTRL-A or CMD-A, depending on your OS), copy it, paste into a new document, go into Zotero document preferences and click OK once the prefs show up. You should see that the citations in the document will become regular text after a while.
  • Hi, this is such a great tool to be able to use Zotero in Google Docs. However it is still super super slow or just does not refresh at all. It just becomes unusable. It is not even clear what it is doing or if it is progressing at all in the background. I am finished editing and have all the references put in. But I cannot refresh and get no bibliography. Can you please get this thing working faster and more stable?

    I have installed the Zotero connector. beta Version... Reopened everything etc. does not get faster.
  • This is a limitation of Google Docs, not Zotero and we have used every possible optimization we could to get this working as fast as it can. If you had automatic citation updates disabled in the preferences, then the bibliography insert will need to bring all of those citations (should be coloured with gray background) up to date and will take a long time. You will just have to wait. If the progress bar window (part of Zotero group) is being displayed, it means it is processing the document. Moreover, the beta (and these changes will be available in the stable version soon) will now prevent you from editing the document while Zotero is working on it. You should allow the process to run for a couple of hours, or even overnight. If Zotero still shows a progress bar after that or you get an error you should then create a separate thread and we will work though the problem with you together.
  • I too am having this problem using Zotero in Google Docs. When trying to cite just a single reference, I get the message "Zotero is updating your document. Please wait…" and the window is stuck for >15 minutes.
  • How long is the document? If you refresh the webpage, how long does it take for your whole document to load in the browser, before you can scroll all the way down to the last page? How many citations do you currently have in it?
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    Hi, I am using Zotero right now for the first time in Google docs. In my test document I am having this same problem. There is one sentence of text, and this is my first citation. It has now been "updating" for about 5 minutes, with no signs of progress. APA style, if that makes a difference. ETA: 10 mins later, no change, and Chrome did entirely freeze for a few minutes.
  • @brainbleach Look through Zotero windows and see if you have a preferences window, citation dialog or a popup waiting to be interacted with. Otherwise try citing again after restarting your browser and Zotero
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