[Juris-M] and Google Docs Integration?

Does the new Google Docs integration work with Juris-M (and the Juris-M connector)? Right now, no "Zotero" item appears in the Docs menu.
  • Definitely not right now -- Juris-m and its connector are a bit behind Zotero. They could be made to work, but it'd take some additional work by fbennett.
  • Thanks. I started using Juris-m years ago because I primarily need legal citations. At this point, could you tell me the difference between the two in terms of functionality? As a heavy Google Docs user, would it make sense to switch back - and if so, how would I do that?
  • The difference in how well they work for legal (and multilingual) citations is still the main advantage of juris-m, which has more legal item types (e.g. treaties, gazettes) and several additional functions that allow for such things as properly handling reported and unreported cases, different citations for different jurisdictions (both nationally and internationally), and chain citations of cases, as well as abbreviation facilities that don't exist in Zotero. If you rely on those, you'll find that Zotero performs significantly worse on legal citations.

    None of this has changed in the last year. The two are sync compatible, i.e. you can use Zotero sync to get data from juris-m into Zotero and vice versa, but documents that are referenced with juris-m won't work properly with Zotero (although I think (!) the reverse works).
  • To be clear, does that mean that I could install and use Zotero standalone and the connector on the same computer?
  • well, it's technically possible, yes, but I'm not sure how well they behave side-by-side, so you'd want to be careful and given that fbennett has been providing less active support in the last couple of months while trying to finish up some other projects, I'd only try this if you feel like you know what you're doing, i.e. understand how and where Zotero and juris-m store there data, how to change that etc.
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