Can't change text direction in note

edited October 29, 2018
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  • Hi
    I'm using zotero 5.0.57 and I have some problem in changing paragraph direction. I previously could do that just by right click menu while note taking, for I write both in Persian and English simultaneously. The problem is that the option is fixed on right-to-left and I can't change it. Then it was like a leading tab having both styles.
    I don't know what happened or what i've done wrong. will you please help me fix that?
  • You're right-clicking on the note and selecting "Right to left"? That still works for me. Note that it always says "Right to left" — it doesn't change to say something different when you're in RTL mode, but the text direction should still change.

    Have you tried in a new note?
  • Hi again.
    Thank you dstillman for your reply.
    problem solved. the left-to-right option is removed and the only right-to-left key is doing both jobs.
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