'et al' in reference list in Imperial college london, Harvard style

This is the Imperial college london, Harvard style referencing done with Zotero,

Dupuis, L.L., Boodhan, S., Holdsworth, M., Robinson, P.D., et al. (2013) Guideline for the prevention of acute nausea and vomiting due to antineoplastic medication in pediatric cancer patients. Pediatric Blood & Cancer. [Online] 60 (7), 1073–1082. Available from: doi:10.1002/pbc.24508 [Accessed: 24 October 2018].

But, Imperial college london, Harvard style says to include all the authors in referencing. But, zotero doesn't include all the authors, instead ends with 'et al' after 4 authors. Citation is ok.

Can someone help?
  • +1 on this!

    Additionally, resources with only editors (no authors) generate in-text citations with ‘Anon’ - would be very helpful if that could be changed to show the editor(s).
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