How would you cite this (using zotero)

I hope this is not an irrelevant question.

I found some Gallup data which I'd like to add to my paper.

How should I enter it in zotero? As a Website or as Newspaper article?

In another paper in which info from that Gallup is used, the bibliography is like that, but I do not think it's from the same source
Cable News Network (1999). CNN-Gallup poll for December 1999, Religion Today. United
States of America: USA Today.

I am asking both for in-text and end-of-text (is that the right term?) citation.

Thanks in advance
  • Report or Website would both be fine here.
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    Thank you for your answer.

    Could you please clarify if report is the presentation of a gallup data?

    English is not my mother tongue and some things are unclear to me.
  • Item Type: Report
    Title: Americans remain very religious, but not necessarily in conventional ways
    Author: Newport, Frank
    Report type: Poll results
    Place: Washington, D.C.
    Institution: Gallup
    Date: 24/12/1999
    Accessed: today
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    Thank you once again! As I can see, access date is not included in the bibliographic references. Is that OK, since it's from a website?
  • If you are using APA style, it generally does not require access dates unless the site is likely to be updated or changed frequently. That isn't likely to be the case here (considering that the page has been online for almost 20 years). If you do want access dates to appear in APA style, use Webpage instead of Report.
  • You've been of great help!
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