Merging separate google docs files breaks Zotero integration


When I merge (through copy-pasting) two separate google docs files with references+bibliography via Zotero integration, references of the file that was copied and pasted get unsynced and the bibliographies of two files do not get merged. Is there any way to have this fixed? Large files are often drafted in separate files before being brought into one document.

  • I'm afraid this is a current technical limitation:
    It's not possible to copy active Zotero citations between documents and keep them functional. Copying citations within a document should work without problems.
    In the near future we'll be releasing a feature that allows you to transfer documents with active citations between Zotero's different word processor plugins (Word, LibreOffice, and Google Docs), and that feature will allow you to transfer citations between Google Docs documents as well.
  • Is there any update on this? I am in charge of citations for multiple large google docs that will be combined and would love if there was a way to transfer citations. If not, is there any work around?
  • Yes, copying/pasting citations between Google Docs was fixed a long time ago. This is what the linked section says now:
    Anyone making changes to the document should have the Zotero Connector installed. (Zotero itself is only necessary if inserting citations.) Citations that are cut and pasted without the Connector installed will be unlinked.
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