Renaming items by the publication title without ZotFile

I know that Zotfile has this capability to rename an item attachment by the title of the publication (by using {%p}). However, I wonder whether we can do this by the Zotero rename function itself? In the config editor, I tried assigning {%p} regarding extensions.zotero.attachmentRenameFormatString but it didn’t work. Thank you in advance for your solution to that.

  • No, currently Zotero natively only offers %c %y %t for renaming attachments.
  • Thanks for your answer.

    I think it might be a good idea to have this feature, since one, especially a Mac user, can create a Smart Finder Folder searching the Zotero storage folder and have collections of PDFs concerning associated publications in a very simple way.

    The point is that Mac does the job very well in showing files, hence you can fly through bunch of PDF files very rapidly with a very big cover flows. The beauty of this idea is having an overview about a journal, particularly fast reviewing of some materials that come to mind.
  • Expanded metadata for renaming (ala Zotfile) is planned, but will probably happen only when a community member submits a pull request with code for it.
  • Incidentally, that was not a great effort that I had thought at the beginning. For instance, with this search criteria one can simply categorize PDF file in Zotero storage folder into different kinds of publications:
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