Zotero standalone window open in all desktops on Mac

I use Zotero standalone on a MacBook computer. I often work on many different projects at the same time and use a different desktop for each project. Not all of my projects would require Zotero standalone to be open but the application is open on all different desktops and there is no way to move it between different desktops like there is for all other applications and windows on Macs. Is there a way around this issue? In other words, is it possible to have Zotero standalone open only in one desktop, preferably of your choosing?

  • I'm not quite sure what you mean here. This should work like any other program. In Mojave, with Zotero closed, if I go to the second desktop, right-click on Zotero's Dock icon, and choose Assign To → This Desktop, and then switch back to the first desktop and click on the Zotero icon, it switches to the second desktop and opens Zotero.
  • Perfect, works fine now. Thanks!
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