BibTeX drag and drop is not working

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  • I'm unable to drag and drop into a LaTeX document. I swear this used to work in the past and I don't think I changed any settings. My default format is "Better BibTeX Citation Key Quick Copy" in the Export tab and under the Better BibTeX tab, my QuickCopy format is LaTeX. My debug ID is D415184555. Thanks for any help!
  • Check if disabling Better BibTeX and dragging in a different format works. If that's the case, report this as a bug to Better BibTex
  • Does the log somewhere say "Code promise is not resolved in noWait mode"? If so this is a known problem for which I will require help from the Zotero devs. I don't know why this problem happens or what I can do to have Zotero load the translator early enough to be treated as any other translator.
  • Thanks, it does work in another format. I'll monitor the known problem and in the meantime will manually enter citation keys in to LaTeX.
  • I know other formats work. This problem afflicts all translators installed after zotero startup - which means all BBT translators. There must be something Zotero does to cache the bundled translators during startup or something like it. But I don't know what it is, or how to have it treat the BBT translators the same as the bundled ones.
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    I found a bug in BBT which had it reinstall the translators at each start; 5.1.8 should after the 2nd restart not reinstall the translators again but will just have Zotero pick them up as Zotero starts up just like the other translators -- I *think* this fixes this problem. So the procedure is:

    * install 5.1.8, let it restart to complete installation

    * Zotero starts picking up the old translators, BBT detects new translators must be installed and installs them

    * Restart Zotero, which will now pick up the 5.1.8 translators; BBT will not install them again

    The 2nd restart will be required for every new release until I figure out a way to reinit the translators (which I already do now) in a way that doesn't yield the above issue (for which I'll need help because I have no idea why the Zotero translators reinit doesn't make the BBT translators available for D&D)
  • The 2nd restart is now automated too.
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