Selective sync help

The [release notes]( for zotero 5.0 say that a selective syncing architecture has been introduced, so independent libraries can be synced independently.

I would like to make a library (in my existing zotero account) called "archive" where my older collections live, and let them remain unsynced (or sync manualy on demand), and have another library called "current" where my newer collections live, and have it get synced automatically.

Currently, all my collections are in one library, called "My Library". I clicked on the "New Library" button, expecting another library to appear next to "My Library". Instead I have the options to "Create Group" or "New Feed". These options don't make sense in the context of what I'm trying to do.

Please let me know if the selective syncing feature supports the action I'd like to do, and if so, how to do it.

Thank you!
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