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Hi all,

I was previously using Zotero RTF scan to an ODT file that I would then open in Libre. However, something seems to have changed and I only have the option to run the RTF scan and get an RTF output (not an ODT). Also, the RTF file output that I do get, I am unable to open (says the file cannot be opened because there are problems with the content).
Anyone have ideas how to either: a) scan to an ODT file rather than an RTF output or b) get the RTF output to work properly?
  • (note the plugin does not currently work on the latest version of Zotero, 5.0.56 )
  • @adamsmith @bwiernik I do have version 5.0.56 of Zotero, so apparently I can't use the ODF scan plugin. I think I figured out the problem, which is that I needed to change the output file from Scrivener to an RTF rather than an ODT file. That seems to be working with the RTF scan in Zotero now, but it's taking a REALLLLLLYYY long time (I haven't seen the RTF output file yet to even know if it works). The scan seems to be doing something (message says please be patient), but it's been like 10 minutes and still no output.
  • The two aren't interchangeable. What is the format of one of the citations you have inserted?
  • @bwiernik I'm sorry, I don't understand what you mean - that the RTF and ODT files are not interchangeable?
  • RTF Scan uses placeholder citations in the formats listed here:

    For example: {Smith, 2009}

    ODF Scan uses a different format for placeholder citations that includes the Zotero unique item keys in it (this is why ODF Scan is more robust than RTF Scan):
    { | Smith, (2012) | | |zu:2433:WQVBH98K}

    If you have entered your citations using the ODF Scan format, then RTF Scan won't work (and vice versa).

    If you need to use ODF Scan, I recommend you temporarily download an older version of Zotero and use it to run ODF scan:

    (If not on Windows, copy the link location for the download button at https://zotero.org/download and change the final number to 5.0.55)
  • Thanks @bwiernik, that helps. I did as you advised and downloaded the older version of Zotero because my citations were indeed in the ODF scan format. Of course, now when I restart Zotero, it updates to the newest version. Will the ODF format be added to the newest version of Zotero? It seems currently you can only do input and output in RTF format.
  • @bwiernik Another question - is there a way to keep Zotero from updating automatically? For now, I need to keep the older version so I can do the ODF scan so I don't want Zotero to update to the newest version each time I reopen it.
  • When Zotero asks you to update, click cancel. I assume that the Zotero developer and/or the developers of the ODF Scan plugin are working on a fix for the bug, but @adamsmith would know more.
  • We're definitely planning on fixing this, but it's a very hectic time for both of us, so I'm not going to make specific promises, much as I'd like to.
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    I was able to get this working after the downgrade and followup installations of the plug-in.
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    Any news on this? Also - what is the exact last version on which the plugin DOES still work? Thanks!
  • Zotero 5.0.55
  • Thanks! For those who want this for windows, you can download it from here
  • Many thanks @JennK for raising the issue with work of the RTF scan, that we cannot get an an ODT output as if offers the RTF output only. Dear @adamsmith, is there any chance we'll get it working properly soon, please? I'm writing with Zotero in Scrivener, and this is the only way I can get my references for the PhD thesis properly set. When I installed the 4sth version of the Zotero plugin on my Mac, as @bwiernik advised here, it could not even open stating that 'This Zotero database requires Zotero 5.0.25 or later'. A deadend?
  • @ladas Scrivener has ODT output, so I don’t know what you mean there. You can still use the ODF Scan plugin with Zotero 5.0.55 (not Zotero 4), which is linked above and here:
  • No need to use an old Zotero version. The ODF Scan add-on is fixed and works with current Zotero.
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