Different way to cite

Hello everyone. I'm new to Zotero and I was Wondering if there are more than one way to cite.
For example, can "This is one way to cite (Brown, 2010)" be cited as "Brown (2010) said this is one way to cite"?
  • Yes, using an author-date style you can absolutely cite both ways.

    You don't mention what style you're using, or if you've installed the Zotero plugin for your word processor.

    Once you've installed the Zotero plugin for your word processor you can insert a citation by clicking on the Add/Edit Citation button and choosing a document from your library.

    When doing so for the first time you'll be prompted to select an appropriate citation style.

    When using an author-date style simply inserting a citation should give you a citation formatted as your first example.

    To format as the second, click on the autor's name in the Quick Format Citation dialog and select 'Suppress Author'.

    I suggest creating a dummy document with some text that you can have a play around with to see how it works.

    Also, check out the documentation: https://www.zotero.org/support/
  • When you insert a citation into Word/LibreOffice using Zotero, click the blue bubble for the item and check the Suppress Author box. Then type the authors names manually in the document text.
  • Thank you for your answers. They've been really helpful
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